Our Facility

Our office is designed to provide the utmost comfort to our patients.  In fact, we try very hard to make it look less like an office and more like a haven for relaxation with our Caribbean-inspired decor and ambiance.  The waiting room is a colorful space, decorated with live tropical plants, louvered shutters and wicker furniture.  The exam rooms are painted in cool blues and greens and feature large, high-quality chairs and natural sunlight.  We are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and software to make the most of each visit.  Our technology demands are always changing to keep up with the latest in dental care,  but here are a few features we're currently proud to offer:

  • Intra-oral cameras - Pen-sized diagnostic cameras allow us to detect decay in hard to reach areas of the mouth and even give meticulous attention to a single tooth if necessary. Highly detailed images taken by these sophisticated cameras are magnified and shown on monitors right in the treatment room, allowing our patients to better understand their mouth´s condition as we proceed with treatment.
  • Full mouth X-rays - Our panoramic x-ray equipment travels around the patient´s mouth, giving us a clear image of complete oral structure including the sinuses. Most people do not realize that reoccurring sinus problem can often be eliminated by a simple adjustment to the bite. This sophisticated technology helps us to diagnose the problem and devise an approach to cure.
  • Digital Vitality Testing -  Before beginning a root canal or other procedure in which a patient´s nerve endings will be affected, we rely on specialized hand instruments to help determine the strength, sensitivity and viability of the nerve in question. Our goal is to provide the most effective and comfortable treatment possible, and these tools help us to do just that.
  • Electric Hand Pieces - While most practices are outfitted with pneumatic equipment, we prefer to use electrically driven devices because they allow for greater precision, especially when it comes to sculpting. Having more advanced technology helps us achieve more natural looking results.