See what our patients have to say.

“After my dental treatment I am confident and like to show off my wonderful smile. My mouth and overall dental care has never been better. The conversation and information provided made it more relaxing and eliminated any fear of the procedure. A very comfortable setting was provided. The dental care I have received has always been excellent. Thank you to the doctors, assistants and the entire staff.”
-Fran Duncheskie

"I have been a patient at Patterson/Votilla Dentistry for approx. 20 years and I have always had periodontal problems. My pocket readings were 3, 4, and 5's.! The Invisalign system was recommended to help, not only straighten my teeth but help with the crowding and deep pockets. Invisalign is painless, effortless and gave me miraculous results. Not only are my teeth straight for the first time in my life, but the pocket readings during my periodontal exam went from 3,4, and 5's to 1's and 2's. The mobility on my teeth is definitely 100% percent better and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend the Invisalign program to anyone. I am forever grateful to Dr. Patterson and Dr. Votilla - thanks for making such a difference in my smile, life and attitude! You are truly the best."
-Betty Reed

"I've chosen to get botox and filler injections for the past several years with satisfaction. While visiting Lancaster County a family member suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Patterson at Dentistry for Life. Not only was the atmosphere at the office incredibly welcoming, but Dr. Patterson and his assistant were extremely kind as well. Dr. Patterson was professional and courteous. He took an ample amount of time to listen to my concerns and discuss the particular areas for treatment. Unlike any other doctors office, he used the latest technology to obtain a printout showing my facial muscles which provided an accurate guide for the botox injections. Before beginning the injections, numbing cream was offered to assist with any pain from the needle. As mentioned previously, I've had the botox injections before and opted to decline the numbing cream. When Dr. Patterson began injecting the botox, he continuously inquired about any pain or discomfort. Miraculously, little to no pain was felt during the injection process. This was by far the best experience I've had. From beginning to end, Dr. Patterson was wonderful. I'm 100% satisfied with the final results. I look well rested; thanks to Dr. Patterson!"
-Des Huffman

Prior to orthodontic treatment by Dr. Votilla, my Mother was having increased difficulty chewing normally. Post treatment, she is back to her old, normal chewing bite. Even better, she can now keep her own teeth, instead of having to resort to more drastic measures! Thanks!
-Chris Nissley

"When I first came to Dr. Votilla, it had been more than 5 years since my last appointment. I went in very nervous, and left knowing I would need a root canal. Although major dental work is never "fun", the fact that I knew I could trust my doctor and his team was crucial for me. I no longer fear the dentist- in fact, I now look forward to catching up with the lovely staff every time I return! I have definitely found a dentist for life."
-Kris Castner

"I tried not to smile too wide before I had my dental implants placed. I didn´t want people to see that I had missing teeth. The procedure was much easier than I thought it would be, and I wish I hadn´t waited so long to have them done. I love my smile, and I couldn´t be happier with the result!"
-Betty Lou Reed

"I love my smile. Thank you Dr. Patterson for the excellent dental care. I was particularly impressed with your detail care. Thank you."
-Eileen Williams

“My smile was okay before my cosmetic treatment on my four front teeth, but it needed some work.  I was a little nervous, but everyone made me feel so comfortable throughout the procedure and I was very much at ease.  I’m extremely pleased!  I’ve gotten many positive comments and compliments about the improvements in my smile. It´s a pleasure coming here. I really appreciate the level of care and treatment I receive!"
-Dave Cook

"I love the warm, friendly reception when I walk into the Patterson/Votilla dental office. The doctors display an interest in my total, personal well being in a safe, clean and relaxed environment. I appreciate the thorough and detailed examination and that they are attentive to patients with dental anxieties. Their commitment to continuing education assures me that I am offered treatment using the most up-to-date techniques and materials."
-Susan E. Breneman

"Over 13 years ago, we became Dr. Patterson´s patients. We were struck by his understanding of what defines exemplary customer service. He is dedicated to staying current with the latest technology and best practices, and has assembled a team of talented and committed staff. Matt is clearly passionate about his dental practice and the health of his patients."
-Keith and Suzanne Orris

"My name is Hugh Lovell and my wife is Patricia Lovell. We live at Willow Valley and have been using Patterson/Votilla dentists for the past two years. We had been going to other dentists for the past 70 years and have found that Patterson/Votilla dentists are the best we have ever known. They are well trained in the most modern techniques and have the latest dental equipment. Their office is clean and efficient and their service is beyond reproach. Their objective is to make their work perfect in every way. We wholeheartedly recommend their service to fill any dental need."
-Hugh Lovell

"If you are interested in a clean, pleasant office, run by very professional people, this is where you receive that kind of expert, pain free dental treatment."
-Patricia Lovell

"My family has benefited tremendously from the excellent restorative and preventive care at Patterson/Votilla. The staff is extremely professional."
-Rosemary Search

"Seeing Dr. Matthew Patterson has truly transformed every aspect of my dental health care for the better. After decades of botched dental work and treatment, a Lancaster County oral surgeon finally said to me, ´Susan, you must see Dr. Patterson! He is the only dentist I would ever entrust my family to.´

The rest is history. I am overjoyed with the positive results I have seen, received, and experienced as his patient. Dr. Patterson is a true master of the art and practice of dentistry. He and his staff excel in all aspects of patient care, treatment, education and customer service. I have finally arrived "home" to a place where I can always count on and receive superior care. So if you value and desire the highest quality in dental health care, please join me and others who are grateful to Dr. Matthew Patterson and his wonderful staff."
-Susan K. Riley

"The significant improvement in my oral health has made quite a difference, and for someone who said ´pull them´, I am glad to have my own teeth. My teeth look and feel great with the new cleanliness and fillings, and it was a pleasure to hear you say that you ´really love doing this.´ Thank you for the unexpected!
As much as I appreciate all the work and the result of it, if there is no smile in my heart, there is no smile on my face. I am writing to let you know that you have given to me something, much greater than a mouth to smile with, and much greater than teeth that can now bite through food. You have given a smile to my heart.
The exemplary conduct of everyone at Patterson/Votilla Dentistry has made it obvious that you are ´for life.´ The staff is willing to inform me of procedures, answer any questions and are always courteous.
Not ever, in all of my life, have I been in a health care practice as lovely as Patterson/Votilla Dentistry for Life, and the loveliness about it are the people therein."
-Sarah S.

“My decision to crown seven upper front teeth was made because most of my teeth had sizable fillings, which were no longer stable.  I am very pleased about the way my bite feels.  My teeth come together perfectly.  My smile looks natural and I am enjoying the more attractive look of my upper teeth.”
-S. Henkel

“I appreciated the patience of Dr. Patterson and the staff to get my veneers the best matching color they could.  My smile looks good!  Dr. Patterson even came in on his day off to finish everything prior to my wedding.  The support he gave along with the rest of the team was great.”
-A. F.