Today’s porcelain technology, whether it involves crowns, bridges or veneers, is biomimetic, it perfectly mimics nature.  Aesthetic crowns, made entirely of porcelain or ceramic material, cover and reinforce the entire tooth.  They contain no metal, which can look unnatural or discolor the gum line after a few years. 

Fixed bridges, sometimes called fixed partial dentures, are bonded or cemented into place. Only a dentist can remove them.  Prior to dental implants, a fixed bridge was the best way to replace missing teeth.


A crown or “cap” can be placed over a tooth to restore it to its original size or shape. As with fillings, metal used to be status quo for crowns, but that is no longer the case since natural-looking materials are now available.

Bridges are false teeth that “bridge” the gap created from missing teeth. Fixed bridges can be anchored by cement or crowns. Removable bridges contain metal clasps or devices for easy removal.