Teeth whitening is a conservative way to subtract years from a person’s appearance. The effects of this cosmetic procedure can be dramatic, visually and internally.  Many of our whitening patients report a sense of confidence and self esteem they haven’t experienced before.  While there are over-the-counter whitening kits available at drugstores, the effectiveness of these is minimal compared to professionally supervised whitening. 

The Dentistry for Life Difference

The process of whitening teeth is not new; the Ancient Romans used urine and goat milk to whiten their teeth.  However, the Dentistry for Life office is equipped with the latest proven whitening technology.  


Whitening is the process of restoring the natural color of the tooth and is virtually risk-free.  Aside from heightened tooth sensitivity after the procedures that disappears quickly, the process is seamless.  Children under the age of 16, pregnant and lactating women are the only people who are not candidates for whitening.

Causes of Stained Teeth

Age, lifestyle, and the starting color of the patient’s teeth can contribute to their stained color.  Patients who smoke; consume coffee, red wine, tea, or soda tend to have greater staining.