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Hygiene Visits / Oral Hygiene Instruction

Daily brushing and flossing will help keep calculus (tartar) formation to a minimum, but it won’t prevent it completely. Professional oral exams and dental prophylaxis (“cleanings”) should be done at least twice a year to remove calculus from your teeth. Bitewing x-rays tell us where the cavities may be forming in between your teeth and are usually taken once a year. We strongly recommend a fluoride application at this visit to protect the surface of the teeth from decay. The hygienist will recommend the best products for you to use at home to ensure optimal oral health and teach you the best brushing and flossing techniques for your own need.


During a hygiene visit, the patient’s teeth are thoroughly examined and cleaned by an experienced hygienist. Necessary x-rays are taken to ensure there are no cavities or other issues affecting the patient’s overall oral health. Fluoride and/or sealants may be applied to the teeth to protect the surface of the teeth from decay. Finally, the hygienist is able to recommend at home care products and processes to ensure continued oral health. The dental visit gives the patient the instant gratification of doing something advantageous for his or her overall health with the added benefit of having teeth that look and feel sparkling clean.


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