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Sleep Apnea

Problems with sleep can quickly and negatively impact overall well-being. High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, brain damage, depression, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, weight gain and more—all of these can be caused by sleep apnea and snoring. Solve your sleeping struggles at the dentist's office? It's definitely possible.

Oral sleep appliance therapy can be a very effective treatment option for patients suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. These custom-fit appliances shift the lower jaw forward and open the bite and airway.

Following are some common symptoms and risk factors of sleep breathing disorders:

• Daytime drowsiness or fatigue
• Loud, recurring snoring
• Choking or gasping for air in your sleep
• A man with neck size greater than 17 inches
• A woman with neck size greater than 16 inches
• Stop breathing while asleep
• Unexplained weight gain/trouble losing weight
• High blood pressure
• Acid reflux
• History of stroke or heart attack
• Falling asleep during the day when activity is low
• Family history of sleep apnea
• Impotence

If you suffer from any of these symptoms or risk factors, come into our office for a consultation. We will review the severity of your condition and discuss dental sleep treatment. It is always best to have had a sleep study conducted to determine the severity of your problem. However, this may not be necessary in treatment for simple snoring.


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