Porcelain veneers are really what makes optimal aesthetics possible in cosmetic dentistry. These thin porcelain facings, when applied to the front of teeth, can correct just about any problem which affects visual appearance.

The Dentistry for Life Difference

Trained by the acclaimed Pankey Institute, the staff at Dentistry for Life is prepared to employ the latest materials and technologies for veneers.   A natural looking and exquisite makeover can be completed in just a few visits.


Veneers are thin layers of material applied to the surface of the tooth.  They can be used to protect a damaged tooth or to improve the aesthetics of the tooth.  Veneers can change the shade, spacing, and shape of teeth almost instantly.  They mimic natural teeth in translucency and texture, and they will not discolor, even after many years.  Veneers are a simple, elegant, and versatile way to improve a smile.